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Vegan furious at rude note written on restaurant menu after meat-free investigation

Lisa Cooney was eating at Ravelston House, in Musselburgh, Edinburgh, when she asked which dishes were suitable for vegans. A rude note in response was spotted by her father

Vegan Lisa Cooney had asked what dishes she could eat at Ravelston House in Edinburgh

A vegan restaurant has become furious with a restaurant after finding a note saying she was “circled” following an investigation into what meals on the menu she could be eating.

Lisa Cooney was eating with her family at Ravelston House, in Musselburgh, Edinburgh, on Sunday when she discovered the rude response after asking a waiter which dishes were suitable for vegans.

After the waiter returned with a menu full of circled items, Lisa and her family soon saw a note fall on the floor that read ‘Vegan crap has been circled’, Edinburgh Live reported.

Lisa said she was shocked and angry at the attitude.

She said: “I had dinner today for lunch with the family who are visiting for the weekend.

Foods vegan Lisa could eat were circled


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“I asked which options were vegan and the bartender said he would ask.

“He came back with the menu which had the items circled and he put the note on the bar, it fell off the bar and my dad picked it up and showed it to me.

“When I first read it I was in disbelief, then I was angry and upset, it’s insulting and so unprofessional, also the complete disregard for any potential allergies is a concern.

“I went to talk to the manager after my family finished their meal.

Lisa said she was really disappointed with the attitude of the Ravelston house in Edinburgh

“He apologized and agreed that the rating was not acceptable.”

After talking to the staff, Lisa added that an assistant manager spoke to her when they left.

She said they were “much more understanding” about the situation.

Ravelston House declined to comment when contacted by the Daily Mirror.