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Top 5 Most Popular Mexican Restaurants In Phoenix, Arizona | restaurant review

This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


Phoenix might not be on your radar as a city to get great Mexican food, but think again. These popular Mexican restaurants in Phoenix tend to be more casual and many of them are family owned. The amazing food represents many different regions of Mexico to show just how diverse the country is. Be sure to accompany your meal with a margarita to fully enjoy the experience.

5. Carolina’s Original Mexican Cuisine

This no-frills restaurant has been a staple of Phoenix’s Mexican food scene for decades. What the restaurant lacks in style, it more than makes up for some of the best made-to-order food in town. Perfect for those looking for a quick but delicious meal.

4. Mariscos Playa Hermosa

Specializing in Sinaloan-style seafood, this authentic dining experience takes the Mexican beach straight to the Arizona desert. The bright and colorful restaurant offers a carefully curated menu as well as innovative cocktails and a wide selection of tequilas.

3. Chiwa Tacos

Tacos Chiwas is a family restaurant specializing in recipes from Chihuahua, the state in northern Mexico. This casual, counter-service spot opened in 2016 and quickly became a favorite among locals. The menu is small but focused on the soulful dishes that Chihuahua is famous for.

2. barrio cafe

Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza has been preparing her take on traditional Mexican fare at The Barrio since 2002. These dishes are far from bland with a unique use of different spices and flavors to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Top it all off with a margarita to make this a memorable meal. Note that the Barrio Cafe does not accept reservations and is first come, first served only.

1. Madigral Kitchen

The award-winning Cocina Madigral is a chef-owned restaurant that is new but has already made a splash on the Phoenix dining scene. With 30 years of experience, Chef Leo Madigral offers tacos, enchiladas, salads and more in a casual atmosphere.