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Top 5 Most Popular Japanese Restaurants in Des Moines, Iowa | restaurant review

This list is based on feedback from previous customers.

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5. Wasabi Chi

Since 2011, Wasabi has built its reputation by offering Costs and quality sushi in town. The services are always good and the staff are helpful with the menu. Their menu and delicious food is phenomenal. The chefs are masters of their job and the appetizing dishes will leave you wanting more. Additionally, the restaurant offers reservations, delivery, catering, takeout, and happy hour.

4. Hana Ramen Sushi

Hana is a renowned restaurant offering healthy, creative and delicious Japanese cuisine, including a wide variety of sushi and traditional Japanese dishes such as hibachi, Hana ramen, teriyaki, tempura and udon. The restaurant offers an extensive beverage menu and is dedicated to providing guests with the most memorable experience. Its ingredients are the freshest and the quality is top notch. In addition, the ambiance is inviting and the atmosphere is authentic.

3. Miyabi 9

It is known for its bento boxes, Japanese dishes and sushi served with sake and beer. The restaurant is a quaint little one with welcoming staff and expert chefs. Its Japanese specialties are served with a choice of soup, a bowl of steamed rice and a house salad. You will taste the best tempura vegetables, Japanese dumplings shumai, hiyakko, seaweed salad, smoked salmon, etc.

2. W-Tao Sushi

W-Tao Sushi is the place to be for the highest quality Asian cuisine and Sushi. Her rolls are amazing and the spicy edamame is tasty. Its interior is mainly made up of oriental red walls, and the helpful and friendly staff have an eye for detail. The services are excellent and you can book your place for lunch or dinner.

1. Akebono 515

The restaurant has a relaxing atmosphere. The place is clean and comfortable, and the services are fast. Their fish is always fresh and you’ll love their sashimi, especially the yellowtail. Sushi is plentiful and its full bar offers classic drinks to spice up your dinner.