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Top 5 Most Popular Chinese Restaurants In Phoenix, AZ | restaurant review


1. Chinese cuisine by George Yang

George Yang’s is far from your typical Chinese restaurant with several varieties of Asian dishes on offer and award-winning recipes. The restaurant offers carefully selected menu options that demonstrate the best that different regions of Asia have to offer. Thai, Burmese, and Vietnamese menus are available, along with an extensive wine list from Oregon, California, Australia, Italy, and Chile.

2. Good chinese restaurant

Good China was the recipient of the 2007 New York Award for Top 100 Chinese/Asian Fusions in November 2007. Its versatile menu features a perfect marriage of Cantonese and Mandarin cuisine. Skilled chefs create imaginative fusion flavor guaranteed to satisfy every appetite. The interior of the restaurant is filled with attractive materials, colors and textures. This creates an ideal gathering for any occasion with a calming and comfortable ambiance. Provide customers with a relaxed and joyful dining experience.

3. Chinese village restaurant

China Village Restaurant offers authentic and delicious Chinese cuisine in Santa Rosa, California. The restaurant is known for its variety of tastes and high quality fresh ingredients. Come experience a friendly atmosphere and excellent service.

4. Abacus Inn Chinese Restaurant

Abacus Inn is a long-established Chinese cuisine restaurant that has been serving families and the public in the Valley for over 30 years. Founded on the ideology of providing delicious traditional dishes from the Orient, the restaurant is anchored by our genuine commitment to our customers.

5. Chinese chef’s bistro

China Chef Bistro is a cornerstone of the Phoenix community and has been recognized for its exceptional Chinese cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. The Chinese restaurant is known for its modern take on classic dishes and its insistence on using only fresh, high-quality ingredients.