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Top 5 Most Popular Chinese Restaurants in Abilene, Texas | restaurant review

This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


To taste some of the best Chinese dishes, you don’t need to travel all the way to China. There are more than enough places where you can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine in your hometown. Below is a list of the best must-see places in the entire region.

5. Little panda

Little Panda is a modest, quiet restaurant in a strip mall with an extensive menu of Chinese classics. Quantities are generous and each dish is cooked to order, ensuring customers always get the freshest food. Service is prompt and staff treat each visitor with respect.

4. Panda Express

Panda Express, open seven days a week and specializing in American-Chinese fast food, is a great option. There is a wide variety of Chinese classics on the menu, as well as many vegetarian alternatives. The customer service is excellent and the staff pays particular attention to each visitor.

3. Sichuan

Szechuan Chinese Restaurant is a long-established establishment that attracts customers with a wide range of Chinese dishes served in a peaceful and elegant atmosphere. Since 1996, the Chinese Restaurant Szechuan has consistently offered visitors superb and tasty cuisine in both modern and modified forms.

2. Sunrise Chinese Restaurant

Sunrise Chinese Restaurant is a traditional Chinese restaurant that offers authentic Chinese cuisine in a classic environment. The meal is always delicious and the waiters are always nice. They treat vegetarians with great care and ensure that no meat is included in your order. In addition to on-site dining, delivery and drive-thru services are also available.

1. star of china

China Star is a large restaurant with a large menu of Chinese dishes to choose from. The owners are really enthusiastic about their business, which shows in the quality of the food and the prompt service. There is also a fantastic buffet where you can compose your own meal from a wide selection of fresh produce which is changed regularly.