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Top 5 Most Popular American Restaurants in Bakersfield, CA | restaurant review

This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


Bakersfield is more than scenic beauty. It is home to some of the best restaurants in California. If you don’t know which restaurant to visit, keep reading to find out the 5 most popular ones.

5. 24th Street Cafe

The restaurant features indoor seating, a full bar, street parking, bicycle parking, and a restaurant. Its menu is extensive and full of delicacies including fish, pecans, burgers, trout, cookies, cinnamon rolls, huevos rancheros, chicken fried steak, vegan and vegetarian options. Most of the dishes are authentic and handmade.

4. USA pappys

You can’t go wrong at PappysUSA. The meal is enormous, and its gluttony will hold you back. The chef knows how to tame your American cravings and the staff will make sure you love the experience. It offers waiter service, covered outdoor seating, free Wi-Fi, a private dining room, accepts credit cards and Apple Pay.

3. Temblor Brewery

Temblor is famous and loved for its excellent customer service and atmosphere. Whether it’s burgers, beer, barbecue or beef, you’re in for a treat. The menu is extensive to accommodate everyone, and their affordable prices add to the reason the place is crowded. Plus, it offers free Wi-Fi, reservations, heated outdoor seating, happy hour specials, and only offers beer and wine.

2. New Vintage Hageman Grill

The restaurant offers the best dining experience in town, ranging from traditional California cuisine to its professional service and calm atmosphere. Its heated seats are the best place to enjoy your meal and its wine list will not disappoint. You will pair your dish perfectly and create a memorable experience.

1. Coffee Milt

Milt’s has the best customer service. Once you enter the restaurant, you will love the ambiance, the beautiful decoration, the sweet aroma and enjoy every bite of your meal. In addition, its full bar will refresh you. Be sure to try their fried chicken, chocolate, desserts, nachos, omelettes, and homemade mashed potatoes.