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Top 5 Most Popular American Restaurants in Akron, Ohio | restaurant review

This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


Akron is an underrated cultural center that excels in Midwestern cuisines and offers an increasingly innovative menu. Visit one of the 5 most popular American restaurants below for a world-class experience and great food.

5. Stricklands

Stricklands is an American restaurant and an ice cream parlour. It has the best custard. The ingredients are the freshest, and you will get authentic and quality cuisine. The restaurant is ideal for children, offers take-out, accepts credit cards and offers many vegetarian options. The staff are friendly and you can’t go wrong with their menu.

4. Fred’s dinner

Fred’s serves breakfast meals. Its menu highlights cheese, salads, eggs, hash browns, crispy bacon, chicken cordon bleu, country fried chicken, sausage sauce and meats. The atmosphere is cozy and the portions are huge so you can eat your fill and relish the sweetness of the food.

3. Restaurant Alexandre Pierce

Alexander is a gourmet restaurant with a cocktail bar. The restaurant offers so much, the staff are lovely, the ambiance is amazing, the decor is accented and the ingredients are fresh and top quality. It has a full bar, bicycle parking, food service, food service, curbside pickup, delivery, takeout, reservations, and catering.

2. Lock 15 Brewing Company

Lock 15 is an underrated and hidden gem. Food and beer are wonderful. The prices are affordable and the chef knows how to prepare delicious meals. The menu has many options, even for children. His starters are tasty and fresh. You will appreciate it. Plus, it offers free Wi-Fi, dining, reservations, valet parking, and waiter service.

1. Larry’s main entrance

Larry’s features offer chart-topping food, a cozy neighborhood atmosphere, and well-made drinks. The family-run restaurant has the friendliest staff and an extensive menu featuring steak frites, Friday fish fries, prime rib sandwiches and burgers.