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The Plimsoll, London N4: ‘Nostalgia, simplicity and cheeky weirdness’ – restaurant review | Food

Je Plimsoll is a pub on a side road in Finsbury Park, North London, doing a buzzing trade serving burgers and more, who knows exactly what it is. It’s not remotely a gastro pub. It’s not an old exorcised, shiny floor boozer with its heart dragged, replaced by a heavily styled guinea fowl on white […]

Restaurant review

Culinary treats at Drovers Inn in Angus

With the celebrations now a distant memory and the tree decorations tucked away in the shed, I kept two rose-shaped garlands of lights inside the house, their faint amber glow offering a touch of festive comfort to those days of darkness and squall. I hate January. I mean, what’s there to love? The stores are […]

Restaurant review

Aberdeen’s new Japanese joint Masaki is a hit

It is said that moving is one of the most stressful times of your life. I can definitely tell you after doing it recently, it most certainly is. A change like moving house is extremely exciting, but with that excitement comes the nerve-wracking, emotional ball of anxiety that has settled in the pit of my […]

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Menu inspired by family recipes

Edgar Gamez grew up hearing about the days when his mother and grandmother would sell their homemade tostadas after the sun went down in the plaza of a small town called La Yerbabuena in Mexico. Gamez explains that his grandmother, Maria, made tostadas during the day and sold them at La Plaza at night. As […]