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Salt Bae’s London Restaurant’s New Menu Leaves People Shocked

Nusret Gökçe – the Turkish restaurateur and chef known on the internet as Salt Bae – has just opened a branch of his Nusr-Et restaurants in London.

The charismatic 38-year-old cook became a meme sensation in 2017 for using a unique theatrical technique when it comes to preparing and seasoning meat.

Gökçe’s latest steakhouse, located at the Park Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge, is his 15th worldwide, with other outposts in New York, Los Angeles and Turkey.

People are already sharing their reactions to the pricey menu, which includes the chef’s famous 24-karat gold tomahawk steak.

A receipt, printed by Nusr-Et, is shared on the internet, along with a £9 Coke, the £630 giant tomahawk and free Turkish tea.

“£44 for 4 Red Bulls??? Is Salt Bae okay? asked a shocked person on Twitter.

“It’s cheaper to fly and eat at the Turkish restaurant in Salt Bae than to go to the one in London. £9 for coke. £630 for a tomahawk steak. No thanks,” another person shared in response to the receipt.

“I think there’s a line where high restaurant prices stop being rip-offs and become a kind of performance art, and I think Salt Bae’s new London restaurant has surpassed that,” claimed another.

“A man who created an entire brand and chain of restaurants from internet hype is charging people £11 for a Red Bull. Color me shocked! added this Twitter user.

A restaurant lover shared a video of the golden steaks being served and a photo with Salt Bea on Instagram.

With 36 million Instagram followers and plenty of hype around it, it’s perhaps no wonder that it’s already nearly impossible to book a table at Salt Bae Restaurant, despite the eyebrow-raising menu prices.