Restaurant review

Sage Cafe – The Dickinsonian

Sage Café on West Pomfret St. is a recent addition to Carlisle’s selection of places to grab a bite to eat. Open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., they offer both sit-down meals and a café-bar with drinks to take away. I had the pleasure of spending my Valentine’s Day at Cafe Sage with two of my good friends. For the holidays, the chef had prepared a special dinner menu, separate from the usual fare they serve.

While their website promises to provide a ‘luxury’ experience, the cafe’s ambiance was not at all haughty. An intimate layout made the whole place feel cozy and the waiters looked after us all night. Obviously the most important thing is the food, and we tried to get a varied range of dishes. As a starter, we ordered mussels ($11) and fondue ($10). The shellfish was the perfect amount to share between three diners and the lemon balanced out a very mild salty note that was present in the sauce. Our fondue went way too fast, but it would be perfect for two. Instead of the traditional bread cubes, it was served with baked pretzel pieces, which was a welcome variation. When we moved on to the main course, we were all pleasantly surprised by the service. Many tables in the cafe were filled, but we waited a very long time. I had a prawn and sausage cavatappi ($19), and although the prawns seemed like an unnecessary addition, a topping of arugula and balsamic vinegar went well with the heat of the sausage. Georgia Schaefer-Brown ’25 found her Greek salad ($9.50) “nice and fancy” and Jordyn Case ’25 said her coconut shrimp cocktail ($9.50) was “incredible” but would have liked the proportion to be greater.

We ended the evening with an espresso and ice cream and everyone decided we had to come back when Sage Café was operating at normal hours. For the food that looked so fancy, the prices didn’t seem too high, I would definitely recommend checking the place out.

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