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Restaurant Review: Vietnamese Street Food

I’ve been wanting to visit Vietnamese street food in the bullring for a while, and the 4e In August, after watching the hockey game for the Commonwealth Games, my partner and I finally got to go.

Vietnamese Street Kitchen is located just outside the bullring, just off St. Martin’s Square. This is a family run, independent restaurant in Birmingham, serving “Vietnamese classics in a modern setting”.

When you enter the restaurant, you can choose to sit inside or outside, and we chose to eat inside to experience the colorful decor, which includes yellow, blue and red chairs with lanterns of the same color hanging from the ceiling.

It was half full in the restaurant which meant there was some chatter but it wasn’t loud or hectic – the staff were friendly and made sure to check we were happy with the food and to ask if we wanted more food and drink after each order.

A family-run, independent restaurant in Birmingham, serving ‘Vietnamese classics in a modern setting’

Vietnamese Street Kitchen offers 2 cocktails for £12; their cocktail menu presents an impressive range of classic cocktails, but also unique restaurant drinks. We decided to choose ‘Ocean Blue’ which contained Bombay, Blue Curacao and ‘Glitter’. The Pina Colada-shaped glass was the perfect size for a cocktail, and the smooth, icy texture of the cocktail made it the perfect summer drink. It had a strong lemon aroma, with a slight alcoholic kick afterward. Its crystal blue color gives it an authentic cocktail look; I would definitely take this cocktail again.

For my entree, I chose the ‘Tofu and Mushroom Steamed Bao Bun’, which I can’t say how heavenly it tasted. The bao bun had a soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture, with two big pieces of tofu and some mushrooms in the middle. I added hoisin sauce to add some flavor, but the bao bread itself with the tofu and mushrooms was a tasty combination. The only thing that would have made it better was if it had two rolls and a sauce that came with it.

After getting the starter, I ordered my main course which I chose from their selection of ‘Big Bowls’ from their vegan menu. This is a bowl that contains lettuce, cucumber and carrots, with a choice of topping of ‘Not Grilled Chicken’, vegetable spring rolls, tofu and mushroom or vegetable curry, then a basic choice of rice, noodles or salad. I chose the ‘ungrilled chicken’ and the ‘stir-fried egg noodles’.

Vietnamese Street Kitchen is a distinctive restaurant in the heart of Birmingham offering a wide range of tasty and authentic Vietnamese dishes.

The size of the bowl was huge, with a heap of noodles and vegetables and a large amount of ‘chicken’; the texture of the ‘chicken’ was soft and flavorful, and the sauce it was noodle-coated in was like curry, but was quite spicy to my taste buds. The ‘chicken’, noodles, vegetables and sauce all worked well to create a scrumptious dish that I will have again in the future.

While some dishes are a bit pricey, overall for the size of the main courses the prices are justifiable and well worth it for a hearty divine meal.

Vietnamese Street Kitchen is a distinctive restaurant in the heart of Birmingham that offers a wide range of tasty and authentic Vietnamese dishes that are sure to satisfy the taste buds and give an enjoyable dining experience. I will definitely come back.

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