Restaurant review

Restaurant review: The Castle at Edgehill pub and restaurant is well worth an evening

The Castle at Edgehill Pub and Restaurant (Submitted Photo)

We booked a table as usual for the evening at The Castle at Edgehill pub and were delighted to find we had the best seat in the house with stunning views of the sun setting over the countryside.

As an American working and living in England, I’m a big fan of the castles and all the history behind them. It was great to have a table overlooking the hill famous for the Battle of Edgehill.

The castle sits on a spot overlooking where Charles I raised the standard at the Battle of Edgehill in 1642 – the first major battle of the English Civil War between Royalist forces and the Parliamentarian army commanded by the Earl of Essex.

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The location is not only a great spot for a night out, but a great place to introduce visitors to the area with its stunning views.

Once seated, my wife and I ordered drinks and a starter each.

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My choice of entree, the BBQ chicken wings, was probably my favorite part of the whole three course meal. The wings were second to none, speaking like an American who is very familiar with wings in all their forms. The BBQ sauce was light and morish, and the meat was falling off the bone. What appeared to be a bottomless bowl of wings was a great starter item and great value.

The delicious Castle Burger from the evening menu of The Castle at Edgehill restaurant and pub

On the other hand, the starter ordered by my wife, the king prawns with chilli, garlic, grilled sourdough sambuca, was not as good value, but she got it anyway appreciated. It was about double the price of BBQ wings and with about half the portion size.

Due to the fact that there seemed to be at least a dozen BBQ wings with my entree, I wasn’t quite ready for my main course when it arrived.

But the Castle Burger with crispy bacon, cheese and fries was very tasty. I would highly recommend the burger, especially if you’ve arrived at the pub and are in the mood for some good old fashioned pub food.

My wife ordered the pulled duck, caramelized red onion, blue cheese, poached pear summer salad.

Evening menu duck salad at The Castle at Edgehill pub and restaurant

She said: “The pulled duck salad with poached pear and blue cheese was light, and the meat was lean and not greasy as is sometimes the case with duck. The pear contrasted well with the duck. The blue cheese was subtle and well blended with the crunchy texture of summer salad leaves.”

While the dessert menu was superb and included many options ranging from vanilla pannacotta with raspberry compote to a vegan chocolate brownie or a berry mascarpone tart, we decided to order ice cream.

What caught my attention on the dessert menu was the Warwickshire ice cream, which inferred how it was locally made. But our server didn’t seem to know where in Warwickshire it came from and told us it was made nearby in Warwickshire. However, the ice cream was really, really good.

Food at The Castle at Edgehill Pub and Restaurant (Submitted Photo)
The Castle at Edgehill pub and restaurant at dusk