Restaurant review

Restaurant Review: The Bank Bar and Bistro, Newry

The number of times I remember leaving a bank with a smile on my face is rare.

Whether it’s paying my credit card bill or standing in line for what seems like a lifetime to verify a transaction, it’s never a good time. But my recent visit to The Bank was a totally different experience and one that I will remember for a while.

The bank I’m talking about is Trevor Hill’s in Newry. An iconic building, one of the oldest houses in town and former site of the North Bank, is now a bustling bar and bistro offering great food during the day and lively entertainment at night.

We decided to ditch the usual Sunday routine and opt for a drive to the border town. A Sunday roast occupied most of my thoughts for the 40 minute drive, but upon seeing the menu, my mind raced with all the delicious offerings.

How I switched from roast beef to pasta I’ll never know, but it turned out to be a great change as the chicken and chorizo ​​dish was a creamy delight.

First and most important the pasta was cooked to perfection, not the soggy overcooked penne pasta that I’ve been known to serve, it was perfectly al dente with a creamy sauce covering the succulent chicken as the little bits of chorizo ​​provided a bit of a kick to the dish.

With a touch of cherry tomato goodness and a nice slice of garlic ciabatta bread to soak up all the creaminess, it was the right choice in the end.

My wife went for the steak sandwich with skinny fries and she was very impressed. The steak was cooked to perfection and rested properly so that no bloody juices got soaked into the ciabatta.

The fries were particularly good, a crispy exterior with a very soft interior, the perfect fries in my eyes. Accompanied by a fresh salad and a thick pepper sauce, the dish got both thumbs up and a clean plate was the only answer needed to the question, did you enjoy that?

The kids did the usual dance between chicken gudgeons and pizza, with the pepperoni pizza winning this time.

They were quite happy when the dish arrived, until the first slice and the heat of the pepperoni came in. It was much hotter than they used to, but their loss was my gain, and the extra pepperoni in my pasta added that little spice that I really enjoyed.

A special mention must go to the staff who were first class, they entertained the children and provided a friendly and personal experience throughout.

Bellies full and with no room for dessert, we deposited our money for the wonderful meal and left knowing this is a bank we will return to – especially if food standards are kept this high.

The food

2 children’s pepperoni pizzas £13.00

Chicken and chorizo ​​pasta £15.95

Steak sandwich €19.95

2 lean fries €7.90

Guinness £4.50

Koppberg €4.70

2 soft drinks £5.00

TOTAL £71.00

Service ****

Food ****

Decor ****

Vegetarian ****