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Restaurant Review :: Gleed’s New Pizza Company, Zack’s Zzas, Really Delivers | Explore Yakima

There’s just something about pizza. Whether it’s the nearly universal ability to please a crowd, its clever portability, or that magical combination of toppings, cheese, and sauce, the bottom line is that a good pizza is a tough option to beat. for any night of the week.

If you’ve been on US Highway 12 in Gleed recently, you may have noticed a new pizzeria opening in a unique building shaped like a coffee maker at the intersection of Mapleway Road and US 12 in side of the Greenway. Opened last March by husband and wife team Zack and Laura Childress, Zack’s Zzas brings fast, affordable, and delicious pizza to the area.

Opening a pizzeria has been a dream of Zack for years. “My wife and I knew we had a great product and we wanted to deliver to the area where we live. It was great. We are growing and people really like what we have to offer.

Although Zack’s Zzas does not have an indoor dining area, it does offer a shaded and comfortable outdoor seating area, takeout, delivery and a unique drive-thru window offering pick-up and drop-off offers. slice.

“We wanted to serve working families and people on the go,” Laura said. “Families leaving for the day or moms and dads coming home from work can call ahead and pick up at the window. We really wanted it to be convenient and have an easy option for them.

Zack’s Zzas’ convenient location adjacent to Highway 12 makes it a quick stopover for busy families.

One of the most notable features of Zack’s Zzas is its wide delivery radius. Stretching from the intersection of US 12 and State Route 410, through Naches Grade to Selah and on to South Naches, Gleed and Tieton, Zack’s Zzas delivers to a clientele that has not since long time no delivery option.

But let’s get down to business. How was the pizza? In a word: Delicious! My family and I ordered delivery on a Sunday evening using their user-friendly online ordering system, and the pizza was delivered to our door piping hot and well before the estimated delivery time. Half of the family-sized pepperoni and meat lovers were plentiful enough for a hungry family of five to have leftovers the next day. The crust was crispy with a slight chewiness, the toppings were fresh, and the cheese was perfect.

So what’s next for Zack? The owners say they’re looking to offer movie premieres and a la carte fight nights from the patio, expand the menu (Laura’s homemade pineapple upside-down cake is already selling out daily), and work more with the local community and businesses. They’ve already partnered with the High Country Coffee Co. in Selah, which offers Zack’s pizza slices.

If you’re looking for a tasty take-out or delivery pizza, or just a quick slice from the drive-thru window, Zack’s Zzas is a great new option for pizza lovers in the valley. Zack’s Zzas is open seven days a week, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., at 3120 Mapleway Road.

Caitlin Towry is a blogger and mother of three in Naches who will occasionally submit articles for the Explore section.