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Restaurant review: Food Junction Great World ushers in a new era of food court culture, Lifestyle News

What started out as a more atas (upmarket) version of a hawker center – with air conditioning and higher prices – food courts today have become a whole different animal.

The latest concept food court to hit Singapore is Food Junction Great World, which takes diners on a culinary journey whether you’re in the mood for North Vietnamese cuisine or German beer.

Complete with rooftop alfresco dining to boot, Food Junction blends nostalgia with modern decor and installments. Eyes are first drawn to the 22 meter long LED centerpiece of the outlet along the ceiling, showcasing custom content of Singapore’s iconic landmarks. As you go deeper into the space, you will notice that you are walking on a train track installation reflecting the LED display.


Food Junction Great World pays homage to the former Great World amusement park it is located in through facilities reminiscent of the park’s famous ghost train ride.

The food stalls are beautifully designed like train carriages and train platform-like walkways, with train-themed decor also drawing inspiration from historic Tanjong Pagar Station and train stations around the world.


Deeper into the food court, the space once again transforms to look like a modern cafe or bar. Furnished with ironwood accents and a wall of pictures, floor-to-ceiling glass windows provide pools of natural light and the illusion of being outside where the only open-air rooftop seating is. of the Singapore food court.

A spacious balcony offering panoramic views of the river valley region, diners are transported to a rooftop bar with fairy lights, cabana seats and decorative barrel stands, the perfect space to relax with an abundance of affordable comfort food.

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Vietnamese taste


The first stop on this gastronomic adventure is Viet Taste, specializing in authentic North Vietnamese cuisine, without MSG and without preservatives.

Vietnamese-owned and run, diners can expect delicious handmade cuisines freshly prepared daily, with marinated meats grilled over charcoal fires for a smoky, charred aroma. Nothing represents them better than Hanoi BBQ Pork Noodles ($8.80), with succulent cuts of pork and meatballs made with apple, peach, lemongrass, diced onions and meat .

hungry korean


All aboard! We’re heading to South Korea with Hungry Korean, led by former Mediacorp artist Cassandra See. Offering fusion cuisine of Korean-style dishes to accompany its extensive drinks menu, including soju and makgeolli cocktails, dishes such as the Gourmet Beef Bulgogi Burger ($8.90) will have you dancing in your seat every time. bite. Made with fresh sliced ​​beef rather than a traditional beef patty, each juicy pullover is topped with a secret marinating sauce mixed with Gochujang Mayo.

What is fish


For something closer to home, order from What The Fish. Picture this – the best grilled fish in town, reasonably priced, and you don’t have to share! Solo diners can enjoy fire-poached grilled fish in one of five broths, rich and tantalizing with an assortment of spices to complement the aromatic flavors.

One of the offerings is the Sea Bass Half Fish with Tail (Golden Tantalizing Punch) ($12.80), true to its word having been marinated with a secret recipe and featuring pumpkin, pepper and sauerkraut for a deliciously spicy and sour dish.

The beer garden


It won’t be a trip around the world without some Western food, and Der Biergarten is the perfect stop. Take a seat in the outdoor seating area and enjoy a German beer garden experience over a beer and tapas. Guinness aficionados and carnivores alike unite for the Guinness Braised Beef Cheeks with Mashed Potatoes ($18.9), featuring an incredibly tender cut of meat that’s enjoyed with a pint of beer.



Everyone has an extra stomach for dessert, and those who like it sweet will especially love Ke. With its long list of thirst quenchers and desserts, from lemonade and beer to reimagined classic treats, Ke is the perfect complement to the blend of modernity and nostalgia at Food Junction Great World.

Order their 100% Perforated Lemon Tea available in five flavors including OG Lemon Punch ($3.60) and Osmanthus Oolong Lemon Punch ($3.60). Hand-shaken with freshly brewed homemade tea and hand-punched limes, they’re perfect for a refreshing pick-me-up.

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Light and not too sweet, Coco Cloud ($4.50) features a blend of fresh coconut juice, pulp, coconut ice cream, and natural butterfly pea flower for a dreamy blue hue.

Food Junction Great World is located at 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Level 3, Singapore 237994. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

This article was first published in City Nomads.