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Restaurant review: Chef Otto’s White Marble brings a Mediterranean escape to Orchard Road, Lifestyle News

Sizzling grilled meats and vegetables, a medley of spices and drizzles of olive oil – there’s no denying that Mediterranean cuisine is rich in flavor.

Although we are miles from the region and its spoils, Chef Otto Weibel brings enchanting hospitality and a taste of the Mediterranean Basin to White marble at the Orchard Rendezvous Hotel in Singapore.

A culinary getaway offering the flavors of 21 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, it’s no surprise that White Marble also focuses on seafood and vegetables (as opposed to sister concept black marblefor its selection of premium meats).

As we watch Chef Otto’s protege, Executive Chef Kenneth Loke through the kitchen window make his way around a rich treasure trove of fresh produce, enjoy modern luxury interiors with a colorful twist of Mediterranean culture .


Drawing inspiration from the community dining culture of the Middle East, Southern Europe and North Africa, the appetizers were created to be shared.

Packing Chef Otto’s favorites, the quintessential Mezze plate ($34, for two) includes savory chicken skewers, toasted pita bread and an addictive crumbly falafel, which was fried but not greasy at all. The starter to share comes with a classic Lebanese tabbouleh with fresh herbs and bulgur salad, as well as a spicy eggplant dip and hummus.


The menu also highlights just how underrated the quintessential shish kebab can be. Offering a variety of kebabs with a selection of seasonal vegetables, seafood, chicken and mushrooms, lamb and Black Angus beef, White Marble’s shish kebabs are served with lemon garlic cream , harissa aioli and salbitxada (a Spanish sauce with Catalan spring onions).

The seafood ($38) and Aussie lamb ($48) skewers are the perfect instant hit. The former sports tastes of octopus, white fish, and prawns, while the latter dazzles with an assortment of vegetables and chewy meat that was dry. Fortunately, the harissa aioli saved the day with its sweet and spicy flavors.

Don’t want to share? The melty roasted butternut squash ($12) is a zesty and spicy offering with chilli yoghurt and cilantro salsa, while the tender grilled Spanish octopus ($36) served over crispy potatoes and cream garlic is too good to resist. Keep an eye out for the pistachio crumbs for an extra layer of crunch and texture.


For mains, Italy next takes center stage with Prawn Bucatini Puttanesca ($28). The light pasta is al dente in texture, presented with a lovely fusion of tastes and textures of tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes, capers, olives and anchovies.

A must when visiting White Marble is the comforting bone-in chicken thigh tagine ($60, for two people). The traditional Moroccan stew infuses spiced marinated chicken shawarma in a warming herb tomato sauce, along with candied lemon, dates, olives and capers. Best paired with rice pilaf with curry leaves ($8), which tones down the lemony flavor.


The modest dessert selection leans Spanish with options like the soft and crumbly Fig and Almond Tart ($16), a cold-pressed olive oil cake topped with sliced ​​fresh figs and served with a crumble. with almonds and yoghurt ice cream.

Alternatively, the zesty Crema Catalana ($16) resembles the texture of crème brûlée with variations of orange in the mix — think orange zest, juice, burnt orange segments and freeze-dried tangerines.

White marble is located at 1 Tanglin Road, #01-09 Orchard Rendezvous Hotel Singapore 247905, p. +65 97729434. Open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

This article was first published in City Nomads.