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Local delivery company aims to bring in-store restaurant menu prices to your doorstep | Archive

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) – Kenny and Shelly Schultz have discovered a way to provide locals with money-saving items when it comes to deliveries.

The couple recently launched ‘Go Go Grocery Delivery and More’, a delivery business with the aim of offering customers the exact same prices they would pay in person at a store or restaurant.

The couple is fully licensed by Wisconsin and Marathon County, and they work with local grocers and restaurants in the Wausau area.

In an effort to provide in-store and restaurant menu prices, Go Go Delivery does not charge any markups or hidden fees like other national delivery services in the Wausau area, which may charge additional fees at checkout.

Kenny and Shelly strongly believe that it’s not just about dropping off ordered items, but about serving the community and building relationships.

“Big delivery services, they don’t have the connection that we have here in the Wausau and surrounding community,” Kenny Schultz said. “We know the community, we know the stores, and we know how badly Covid has hit everyone. We’re here to help not only restaurants, but grocers and customers.”

Schultz said that after doing extensive research on major delivery companies that offer service in and around the Wausau area, he noticed that none of them had any local ties.

Schultz said not being local can minimize the level of understanding, care and customer service that should be offered in a community. It’s also another reason the company is pushing for in-store and restaurant menu deliveries.

“We wanted to research them and see what they were offering, and found that many of them were offering between 20% and 40% markup,” Schultz said. “For a small local town in Wausau, this is just too much.”

Schultz also prioritizes the need to help those who also cannot leave their homes.

There is a flat fee of $5.49 for delivery from restaurants to your home.

Groceries cost $14.99 to deliver from the store to your door, with slightly higher prices in the surrounding metro Wausau area.

There is no minimum or maximum order price total; Kenny Schultz said whatever the price, Go Go will deliver.

No contract is required with stores or restaurants that also use Go Go.

Local grocers or restaurant owners who want to partner with Go Go Delivery Grocery and More, you can call (715) 302-9133 or email

For orders or delivery quotes, you can also call or email the contact details listed above.

The company plans to launch its website soon.